Friday, 17 June 2011

Jools, us cows are concerned

Excuse my informality Prime Minister, but on behalf of my fellow bovines, we need to have a heart to heart.

When "4 Corners" took cow-cam into the Indo Slaughter House, to divulge the torture suffered by many of my bretheren,  Australia went nuts.
Understandable. That horror movie rivaled "Psycho" with suffering for us meadow munchers. 
Sure  something has to be done, but Jools, go to some of these countries, and the mule, exhausted with its load, is on it's knees, being belted by it's owner.  The children on the streets, seek funds for food, by dubious means.  Crippled beggars lie crying. In some countries women are not even permitted to drive.  Meanwhile proving rape is impossible.

Jools my point is, there are sad stories, and ours, is pretty bad, but kneejerk reaction to media hysteria, aint the way.  It's education.  Educate these people, who have no idea that being whacked about and having your throat cut slowly, hurts.  
We do suffer agonies, but all you have done is given the perps the irits.   There are 250 million of them and 20 million Aussies.  Jools you can't be telling that lot they are barbaric, and then taking our cattle home as if not playing the game.

Premier Baaaarnet Sandgroper even gave the druggies a five day amnesty before he made the synthetic cannibis 'Chronic' illegal.   The least you could have done Jools, was warn the Farmer, the musterer, the truckie, the ships, the everyone else, whose livelhoods you jeopardised. How could you have those who care for us awaken one morning to this nightmare?     Meanwhile me and my mates are just hanging about like them, with no idea of our future.

Yep educate, Jools.  Don't penalise those abbatoirs who are doing the right thing. Teach them what is expected.   No money for monsters.

Now some personal advice for you Jools.  Sheillas only get the big job when the political party is in trouble.  Look at Joan: what happened to Carmen: even Bronny Bishop gets no support.
Who does the backstabbing, Jools?  The boys brigage of course.  They havn't got the guts themselves when the party is in disarray.
Give the Sheillas the job when times are tricky, but eventually the rats turn on their chosen one.
Just advice with feeling Jools, from one cow to another......